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There is a lot more going on here at the PrepProfiles Network then meets the eye.  Our cutting edge design and technology are allowing each athlete to be build a profile and be represented in the State and Region of the country they live.  

In addition the profile of each athlete is featured at the National website too.  

So think of it like fishing but not having just one pole in the water but 2 or more.  Maybe this will help.

The Network is just that.  A true network of sites working together.  The reason we designed the product this way is that recruiting for Collegiate athletes is done Regionally and so we have obtained many excellent Regional names.  Our regions are broken into Super Regional Sites and Regional Sites; the only difference being the size and number of States involved.   These sites will features athletes from the States that make up the region that comprises the site.

We also recognize that the larger States like California, Texas, and Florida warrant their own State Databases and Sites so we have several of those State Sites going live too which will feature just athletes from that State.

Lastly as a way to grow and to cover the biggest Cities in America we have acquired 

Many large City web site URL's and will begin to build those sites out soon.  

 All that exposure starts with one 5 minute session.

So let's just say that this youngster Jeffrey Thomas joins our Network.


He is from Dallas, Texas so when he joins he will automatically show up at the websites as follows:

DallasPreps.com     City Site

TexasPrepStars.com      Big State Site

        SothernPrepStars.com      Super Regional  Site

    PrepProfiles.com       National Site


All of that is designed to aide coaches and recruiters in geographically finding all of our student athlete members and review their profiles as well as to offer those same members even more and more exposure to the world wide web and all the terrific people that follow Prep Athletics.

Not all of these sites are live yet but they will be.  

Look for these and dozens of additional sites to go live soon.

If you like our concepts and want to discuss helping the Network Expand please email us at:


Here is a List of our Domains that we plan to launch soon.  Our Network is looking for editors and writers or anyone that feel they have the pulse of the Prep Sports Community and a passion for bringing the best kids in America to the web in a way that showcases them!


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Your Sport

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Other Sites coming to PrepProfiles.com
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